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Meet Luis

Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 11 Years of Experience

Hi, I'm Luis Ramirez, LCSW, founder of Rising Potential Counseling, PLLC. I am a Licensed Therapist based in the Mohawk Valley, but I can work with clients throughout New York State. Having gone through my share of adversity, I understand how beneficial it can be to have support when trying to heal from traumatic experiences. Being a part of the healing process is what I enjoy the most about being a therapist. I have risen from the ashes and am qualified to help others rise from the ashes to realize their true potential. 

Rising Potential Counseling LMSW, PLLC, allows me to engage in an array of therapy styles tailored to individual needs without the constraints of an office's guidelines. ​

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My background in trauma-informed care and substance use disorder has helped shape my path and readiness to help my clients manage:​​​

​I tend to take an eclectic approach when it comes to working with individuals and families. Meeting the client exactly where they are is critical to me. 

My focus is to help you heal. I provide a judgment-free space and will assist you on your journey through life. There is potential in all of us. I can help you tap into that potential to live a happier life. 

Luis D. Ramirez is also certified in the following therapeutic interventions:

  1. Cognitive Processing Therapy (CCPT)

  2. Dialectical Behavioral Therapy (CDBT)

  3. Depressive and Mood Disorders (CDMDTP)

  4. Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR-C)

My Qualifications 

PhD Student at Capella University | DSW Program

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