Behavior Specialist

Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN), a Community-based Wraparound provider of Social and Mental Health services with an emphasis on treating the client in a family context, is currently seeking innovative and experienced applicants to fill a Behavior Specialist position to serve those within the community.

The Behavior Specialist assists teachers, parents, clinical coordinators, and administrators to work with the youth and assisting the youth in managing severe emotional and behavioral problems to reach their individual educational and therapeutic goals, as well as improve their social interactions within a school community and home setting. Organize and implement academic and experiential activities and provide therapeutic support for the youth. Promotes the philosophy and mission of the agency by performing the following duties:


Duties & Responsibilities

Assist in the development of the treatment plan and the identification and implementation of behavioral rules and consequences. Monitors, analyzes, and collaborates with teachers, therapists, other mental health staff, parents, and youth in developing, implementing, and monitoring individual youth academic and behavioral progress and goals. Monitors youth behavior in the classroom setting, community setting, and home setting based on information gathered and observed for each assigned youth. Participates in program development, case management, and supervision. Assists in setting limits with compassion. Directs youth to use positive behaviors for success in the various settings that the youth belongs to. Utilizes appropriate interventions designed to help youths practice coping skills, achieve academic success, and eventually apply for transition back to “home” school. Designs, conducts and/or assists in group activities, including recording progress notes for each group, and supervises lunchroom and recess, when assigned. Assists teachers in classroom management including assisting Clinicians by sharing information, meeting with administrators in determining youth's individual educational and therapeutic goals, supporting building social interactions within a school and the local community. Adheres to best practices in professional ethics and boundaries. Evaluates crisis situations and escalated behaviors and provide appropriate interventions and support. Obtains behavior modification by using specific behavior management techniques.


Associates Degree in Education, Special Education, Psychology, Social Work, or related field and four years relevant experience or Bachelor’s Degree in Education, Special Education, Psychology, Social Work, or related field required with at least two years relevant experience in traditional and non-traditional youth service setting required. Additional professional development in specialty areas is helpful. Ability to adjust to student, staff, and program needs. Experience working with students with severe emotional and behavioral problems is required.