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Abstract Background

Delana Clive

Licensed Master Social Worker

Delana Clive, LMSW: Specializing in Child & Family Behavioral Therapy

Delana Clive, LMSW, is an accomplished Licensed Master Social Worker with over two decades of experience working with children in various capacities. Her expertise in the field has been honed through working with children with ADHD and Autism who have exhibited behavioral issues. Delana's understanding of family systems and their impact on a child's behavior is comprehensive. She has effectively employed Cognitive Behavioral Therapy techniques to work with children who struggle to communicate their needs.

Supporting Transitions & Non-Traditional Families

Delana's expertise extends to supporting young adults aged 18-25 transitioning into independent living. She holds certifications for working with non-traditional family situations such as stepfamilies, co-parenting, trauma-involved family dynamics, and single parents. Additionally, Delana has worked with women who are struggling with co-dependency and stepping away from toxic relationships. She has particular expertise in helping those who have experienced familial and romantic partner narcissism.

Unique Counseling Approaches for Positive Growth

Delana's unique approach to Christian-spiritual counseling, strengths-based approaches, cognitive-behavioral techniques, and play therapy techniques sets her apart from other LMSWs in the community where Rising Potential Counseling LCSW, PLLC, is established. Her ability to support individuals and families needing guidance and support through difficult times is well-known. Delana is committed to developing and implementing effective treatment plans that meet each client's unique needs, aiming to promote positive growth and change.


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