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Rise from the Ashes.
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Luis Ramirez

Hi, I'm Luis Ramirez, LCSW, founder of Rising Potential Counseling, PLLC. I am a Licensed Therapist based in the Mohawk Valley, but I can work with clients throughout New York State. Having gone through my share of adversity, I understand how beneficial it can be to have support when trying to heal from traumatic experiences. Being a part of the healing process is what I enjoy the most about being a therapist. I have risen from the ashes and am qualified to help others rise from the ashes to realize their true potential.


Rising Potential Counseling LMSW, PLLC, allows me to engage in an array of therapy styles tailored to individual needs without the constraints of an office's guidelines.

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Improving the Quality of Living

Testimonials from our Rising Clients

"Having Luis as a therapist has changed my life." 
"There is something so special and refreshing about feeling so seen by your therapist. Finding a therapist is one of the hardest decisions and connections you'll have to make for yourself in your adult life.  Someone you can trust to understand you, make you think critically, and show incredible empathy. I didn't know it until I found him, but I needed Luis.  Someone who not only looked like me but shared my experiences.  Understanding queer culture and the intersection of classism, racism, skin experience, and the trauma associated with it all.  He taught me how it affects my mind and body.  He helps me feel seen and held by myself, giving me patience to listen, language to think about and understand, and tools to use as I figure myself out.  Luis and his fabulous nails are one of the best things to happen to my life. I am so grateful."

  - Brandon 


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