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Dedication to Service

Jordan M. Ramirez, Vice President of Behavioral Health Services at Rising Potential Counseling LCSW, PLLC, has dedicated over nine years of his life to serving individuals with disabilities and youth populations. His unwavering commitment and the positive impact he has made in their lives is truly inspiring.

Commitment to Growth

Mr. Ramirez's wealth of experience and his ongoing pursuit of knowledge in the field are a testament to his dedication and passion. He is currently pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Psychology and has ambitious plans to achieve a Master's degree in Social Work, complemented by a minor in American Sign Language.

Vision for the Future

Mr. Ramirez's passion for mental health and desire to cater to the deaf community is truly inspiring. His future career plans include becoming a therapist specializing in mental health and supporting the deaf community.

Leadership and Guidance

Mr. Ramirez supervises all of the Behavioral Specialists and Intervention Specialists hired through one of the IPA contracts that Rising Potential Counseling LCSW, PLLC holds with one of its networking partners, Integrated Community Alternatives Network (ICAN). He provides them with the guidance they need to assist further the clients they serve and helps them realize their true potential as professionals within the behavioral health field.

A Valued Leader

Given Mr. Ramirez's vast experience and expertise, Rising Potential Counseling LCSW, PLLC is proud to have him as their Vice President of Behavioral Health.


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