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Psychoeducation Rehabilation Service Specialist

PSR – A structured one-on-one activity focusing on a specific treatment goal (i.e., social skills, self-esteem) that encourages a positive connection to the community. Respite provides a safe and structured setting for a child, providing family/guardian support and relief while the child engages in positive activities. Home/Community-based service that focuses on the parent's needs for instruction and skill development to maintain or enhance parenting skills and house management (i.e., budgeting, scheduling).  A focused practice to assist clients in determining and achieving personal goals that the client develops.


High School Diploma, (preferred) Associates Degree in Education, Special Education, Psychology, or related field, and one-year relevant experience in traditional and non-traditional youth service settings required. Additional professional development in specialty areas is helpful. Ability to adjust to student, staff, and program needs. Experience working with students with severe emotional and behavioral problems is required.

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